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What kinds of service work do you do ?

We do all the usual upgrades, virus removal, hard drive replacement, data recovery well as the types of repairs that other shops aren't equipped to handle such as; broken laptop screens, hinges and power sockets, blown motherboard capacitors and other soldering repairs. 

​We can also do certain specific computer repairs as well as printer, wireless and network setups at your location.


Computer Recycling

We are big on recycling. Bring your tired old computers and parts to us for proper recycling. Don't worry about any personal data that may be on your hard drive. We will back it up and return it to you or destroy it at your discretion.


Keeping Your Computer Cool

Computers accumulate dust in their cooling systems and this can cause your CPU to overheat and act erratically or melt down. Please don't attempt to vacuum out the dust. The static generated from the vacuum destroys electronics. Canned air doesn't have enough pressure or volume to do the job.  Bring your PC or laptop in and we will clean the dust out...usually while you wait and usually at no charge.